Alfresco Bites, will not be going ahead this season

It's a no, not right now, not no forever...

Taz, (Taryn Lyford), local entrepreneur, business woman of Black Fox Creative and visionary for Alfresco Bites has been reflecting on the previous season, and doing her best to recreate another for this year.

Many contributing factors have been considered, and unfortunately Alfresco Bites will not be going ahead this season. "I have had an amazing time with meeting like-minded, passionate and dedicated people, and truly wanted Alfresco Bites to feature again this season, however, I haven't been able to gain enough quality vendors to support and deliver Alfresco Bites.

Alfresco Bites faced other challenges, despite, Leamington Domain being a truly magical venue, it only has one public toilet, that was often unusable, which meant Alfresco Bites had to provide additional facilities, making the immediate proposition unsustainable. Cricket takes over the square on Friday evenings and created concerns around Health and Safety when sharing the space.

Other factors have come into play; Alfresco Bites missed out on essential funding from this year and I also had my second baby in June."

Looking forward, Alfresco Bites hopes to return more equipped, ideally with more volunteers and sponsors involved for future events.

"Alfresco Bites couldn't have done it without you and your support. I too have put a lot of energy and my own resources last year, complemented by all the sponsors, partners, vendors, supporters and community spirit that got behind this summer event. The success of Alfresco Bites has proved the opportunity of getting the community together on a weekly basis, and providing something that is unique to Cambridge. I am really proud of how it turned out, and am super excited about the prospect of Alfresco Bites and associated events" says Taz.

Whilst Alfresco Bites is on a break, Taz hosts other events; The Twilight Christmas Market coming up on Saturday 26th of November, from 4-8pm, at Leamington Domain, and The Bloom Collective Market once a month. The Twilight Christmas Market will feature most of the Alfresco Bites vendors, including all time favourites; Johney's Dumpling House, Southern Fries, Toro Churro, Posh Nosh (Mexican), The Ice-Cream Truck, Mizzoni Pizza, and many more...

Alfresco Bites is a movable event and Taz encourages businesses to get in touch if you would like Alfresco Bites to be involved with any events, including corporate or private bookings, because only the best people have a love of food!

If you are interested to touch base please do so by emailing Taz
027 6356 156


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